Saturday, 31 March 2012


Tunics. I do wear 'em only at the beach, usually, since they make you look kinda bold - aren't figure hugging, you know - but this one, it's different. Its fabric (100% silk) and color weren't really made to sit and play in the sand... since you were like invisible ... or maybe that's even the point, haha... Anyways, we found that wonderful location which makes the whole outfit look so magically, right? Oh and that headband, it's actually a belt that belongs to the tunic but me, on the other hand, didn't really get along with it, so I just put it around my head... haha it's just like my dad told me, you can carry the heaviest things on your head... 

Friday, 30 March 2012


Sandro. Already told you how much I've coveted this shirt. Finally it's mine and I'm in love, even more than before the purchase. It's so chic and casual at the same time. Tons of mix&match ideas crossing my mind. Here a very laid-back look but the shirt speaks for itself anyway, right? Also, tons of pics after the click, enjoy!

Thursday, 29 March 2012


Thanks to essie, l'Oréal and Madleine I received this range of varnishes, a preview of 70 different color shades with fancy names like sugar daddy, lilacism or braziliant and will be available starting in May. Maybe a nice and budget alternative to Chanel? I suppose so. Their applicator's even better, at least, since it's kinda wider but flatter and semi circle-ish shaped and.. well, you better see for yourself! As for me, I started with the water-melon which actually is more pinkish in real life, very flashy! Kudos!

Have a great day!
xx, A.



THE SHIRT. As you may know if you follow IOWA on Twitter or Instagram (@itsonwithallegra) or like it on Facebook that we celebrated my grandma's birthday the other day. We went to a very nice restaurant, had a three course menu and a drink or two, blablabla, family quality time and all... - and just to skip the Bradshaw-ish rhetorical ironical and ridiculous question that is "for a second it got me thinking --(dramatic pause and piano strumming)-- would there be any better occasion to wear my brand new shirt?" because we all know, there's definitely none, let's face another issue that sits heavily on my stomach...

image: shirt sandro

So there you are, didn't shop for... well, let's call it a week or two... okay one and a half. But there definitely were unfair methods involved. Had an eye or two on this particular shirt ever since sandro's spring lookbook was published. Sandro happens to be one of those brands that one wouldn't count to the high-street stores (nope, not at all) but like to the "affordable (once in a while) top boutique chains" (if you know what I mean), but as you know, however, I forced myself to spent sometime sitting on the saving bench, so I just tried it on once or twice and found myself wanting it even more since it didn't look good, but a-mazing! And I kept saying to myself that it's not a must-have. But actually it is. One of those basics that makes you look effortlessly chic and cool the second you put it on. Must-have - absolutely, definitely and for ever. Let's call it an investment for life. I'd dare to say, for life and longer... think of that! Must-have! And as these words were spinning around in my head, I, on the other hand, found myself whipping out my credit card. And now keeping the conditions in mind, that I've been standing in the middle of the shop somewhere in the center of Strasbourg, a shop assistant smizing (= smiling with her eyes, she's been really good at it, shoulda tell Tyra) at me, the boy approving and my mind going crazy, ... - let's call it an exception?!

Have a wonderful day!
xx, A.


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Pajama Party

Something different. There's no doubt, florals are huge atm and after Marni at H&M it must be clear to the crowd, pajama sets (as outerwear) are hotter than ever which comes in handy at weekends, right? I know you know! So why don't mix the two? The point, my friends, is this: dressing 'em up even though the chilled look and relaxing feeling that they obviously convey. High heels'd be perfect to add just the right dose of glamour and all but I rather went for these pointy flats - matching colors, check - not only because of the scenery but also because they definitely can compete. Put on a bright pink lipstick and hang some Marni at H&M flowers around the neck - matching prints, check. Oh and don't forget the super duper diva cat-eye sunnies... well, well, well, yep, yep, yep, something very different when it comes to my usual dressing habits but there's a collar at least, see, see, see??
Outfit: shoes ZARA, sunnies MNG, necklace Marni at H&M

Have a wonderful day!
xx, A.


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Swinging Sixties

Peplum. Bought that top months ago when peplum was just peplum. Now it's one of THE (upcoming) trends of 2012 and I like to play with its shape and try some unusual outfit combos. This one reminds me of the 60s, London and Twiggy thanks to the mini mini skirt, the sunnies and the super low side parting, I guess. What do you think? YAY or NAY for the swinging sixties?
Outfit: skirt Celyn B., top H&M, boots Sam Edelman

Have a wonderful day!
xx, A.


Monday, 26 March 2012

the "new" shape

Duh. Ignore my weirdly shining legs and seriously, what is that holding one's sleeves all about? See, see, see? Doing that in every single photograph. Funny. Anyways, the leather vest's shape kinda reminds me of the "new shape" regarding jackets, you know, those box-ish bomber blousons as seen all over the runways: Balmain, Stella, Isabel, ... kinda edgy, kinda rocking - especially in combination with the Chloé-Susanna-inspired boots. What do you think? Like?

Outfit: boots ZARA, leather vest H&M, shirt Acne

Happy Mondays everyone!
xx, A.


Sunday, 25 March 2012


Strasbourg. Must say, these was one of the most relaxing days ever - even though we walked like miles. As I told you in a previous post the boy and I went to Strasbourg which is so incredibly close  for a one day trip that was a-mazing! We strolled through the streets - amazing shops out there, that's for sure, I've checked - ate delicious French food - well, that's a thing they definitely can, besides dressing perfectly undone, you know(!) - and just enjoyed the wonderful weather. 
Regarding the outfit, I went for something casual yet fashionable: my current favorite denim pants, some arm candy and a eye-catching blazer plus statement necklace. The LV speedy happens to be obligatory for day trips, has just the right size to carry all my more or less necessary stuff!
Nothing more to say - vive la France!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

mirror, mirror on the wall

Snapshot. Me, staring in the mirror, with a serious look on my face, checking if everything fits properly, thinking I'm alone,... you know, the moment right before I would startle up -  just had to be captured! 

Happy Saturday!
xx, A.




Instagram. Don't quite know why but it's for sure one of the most addictive Apps ever - apart from Angry Birds, of course. Anyways, thanks to iPhones, iPads, iShit & Co. the social media generation whereto I def would count myself can't leave their hands off... and even me, a doubtful kinda gal, always insisting on being a BBG meaning Blackberry Girl for ever and ever, always arguing why BBs must be much much much better even though their browser's crap but keeping in mind that they're much much much easier to control when you're not - if you know what I mean. Well, yeah, let's shout it out loud from rooftops: forget touch screens when u r drunk!! - and back to the point, where was I? Yeah, right: ... and even me, a doubtful kinda gal, crossed the border, changed my mind, got addicted, maybe iBrainwashed, think different - in short: totally Appled! And the thing, my dear readers, is this: I'm loving and enjoying it to the fullest! 

PS: as we're speaking I'm crossing the border again, heading off to Strasbourg for a day trip with the boy! Vive la France!


Friday, 23 March 2012

and another

PRESS entry. Today I got up very early even though I had nothing planned, again an "empty" apartment - really could get used to this, noo just kidding - still the weekday rhythm pumping through my veins, I guess, and started with my daily morning ritual - nope, no exercises early in the morning, even if it would be better, but no, actually I'm talking about - looking through the latest blog slash twitter slash facebook slash instagram posts - a total social media maniac, I know. But well, that's not the point, yet leads me to the following and the article above: I'VE GOT THE LOOK OF THE DAY, they say - "they" meaning no one else than TeenVogue - that's something, right? What a great start into the day... 

PS: thanks for the fashionable words, Jane Keltner de Valle!

and again: happy happy Friday everyone!!
xx, A.



photographed by Candice Lake

Thanks to TeenVogue and Glamour UK the blog's press section can be enlarged with the above and below MB New York Fashion Week snapshots. I have to say I'm flattered - not only was my outfit plus details published in the same section as those of, you know, the big fish like Leandra aka The Man Repeller, Hanneli and Susie Bubble, but the boy and I were actually also pulled over in the middle of NYC by a major blonde called Candice Lake (know her, right?) who was seeking for "gorgeous couples" to take her amazing street style snaps. Terrific! Anyways, see for yourself here and here!

Happy Friday everyone!
xx, A.


Thursday, 22 March 2012


Girly & edgy. I actually became on of those nervous wrecks who use to pull their nails and fingertips till they tear and brittle, biting only in case of extreme emergency and varnishing 'em with Chanel so the only thing that strikes out is Particulière, Paradoxal, Black pearl, Ballerina, Mimosa, Rose confidentiel, Black velvet, Peridot, Graphite or whatever they may be called - bad habit, I know, started sometime back in my schooldays and lasted till.. well, now but you know what? My nails look pretty awesome right now, "May" in this Chanel-icious case, see? Maybe I have overcome my shameful vice caused by the lack of confidence and immature plus frustrated teachers? Let's hope so!

Regarding the outfit, my granny said "she's a collar kinda gal" and you know what? That's oh so right! Especially in combination with statement necklaces (even worn upside down, if useful). And why not? They make you look effortlessly chic but not overdressed at all - simply do love the girly x edgy combo: the blouse with its certain twist and the flower necklace (worn around the neck, this time) seem to work perfectly together, even their blush-white-brown-color combo's matching! The leather pants, on the other hand, add just the right dose of edginess and make it not just any outfit, but very interesting. 

PS: so glad I kept the necklace! Definitely one of my favorites atm!!
Outfit: blouse Bel Air, necklace Marni at H&M, leather pants ARMA, boots CHURCH'S

Have a wonderful day!
xx, A.


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

not that casual

A very casual every day look, yet eye-catching thanks to the booties which totally remind me of the Chloé Susanna boots, which I'm coveting ever since they saw the light of day - saw them the other month in action when I was walking along 5th Ave, I tell ya, to DIE for!! - and the bling-bling necklace plus the double collar, right? The pics were actually shot during a break between lectures but I ended up sitting in the sun, forgetting about the time - accidentally, of course - and enjoying some quality time with the boy. 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


It's official. It's spring and I'm loving it! It's not only getting warmer and warmer outside,  people are leaving their grumpy winter moods behind and even dare to have coffee outdoor. Shaken iced passion tea replaces full leave tea vanilla rooibos and ice cream replaces hot chocolate. Spring's not only the time of flowers, it's also the time of love. Regarding clothes, spring time's also sunglasses time, ballerina shoes and loafers time, skirts and bare legs time, pastel color time and after all blazer time. Spring's not only eagerly awaited but also balm for the soul after the cold, cold, cold winter.
Me, here sitting on the little wall of our balcony, going 6m down there, thanks god I have no head for heights *cough cough* anyways, my spring-ring-ring mood's better than that.

Outfit: pants and shirt ZARA, necklace MARNI at H&M, blazer Atos Lombardini

Have a lovely day!
xx, A.


Monday, 19 March 2012

Pushing Daisies

Possibilities. Those of you who follow IOWA on Instagram (@itsonwithallegra), Facebook or Twitter know that I could hardly decide whether to keep that necklace or not...kinda had to deal with time pressure since  one could return the MARNI at H&M items within only three days after the madness plus the aversion of my consulted friends (including the boy). But as I was cluelessly fooling around, counted the pros and cons and thought of the "maybe" occasions slash outfits slash possibilities like you know how to wear the necklace in different ways... and all of a sudden, it crossed my mind: why don't use the necklace also as a headband? ... of course all my doubts crumbled into dust!! And tatatataaa: that's how it turned out! What do you think?

PS: oh how super duper cool I am, sitting there on the tram tracks not even thinking or caring about the little green car to hit me but with its exact timetable in mind, for sure. Well, the super duper laissez-faire posing (just for you, my lovelies) turned out to be a super duper MAJOR accident - who would know that they use to oil the tracks? As for me, I don't and left 'em with a super duper giant black oil line across my whole butt. Oh so clever, huh? But thanks to the boy's chemical romance he knew how to rescue my brand new (!) oil tanked denim pants. <3

Sunday, 18 March 2012

minty minty bling bling

My parents went to London for a 2 day trip to celebrate my mom's birthday and even though I'd have loved to accompany them - as if they asked - I enjoyed the "empty" apartment, kinda weird to say that, never thought I'd feel so ever again but the reason, my friends, is this: my mom's birthday present! Which I've been hiding and highly protecting behind the ... - won't spill the beans, my lovelies, oh so clever, duhh.. haha - which makes it impossible for me to wear my new MARNI at H&M stuff, it'd be a waaaay too hot scent *cough cough* ... so well, let's rephrase the "enjoyed"-thing: I abso-abso-f**king-lutely enjoyed to wear my current purchases - which made me sit fashionably(!) on the "saving bench", but that's another story -  for the first time this weekend! 

So what do ya say? YAY or NAY for my NEW INNs (to sum up: the studded bling bling clutch 'n' boots, the minty mint sweater and the colorful necklace)?


Saturday, 17 March 2012

Baby Loves

New shoes. I know, I know, I know - I told you I wouldn't go shopping anymore like for some days, weeks, months *ouch* - okay, well, let's be serious and talk about weeks... the thing, my lovely readers, is this: I bought them weeks ago but since the weather wasn't that pleasant back then, I kept 'em in my closet where they were to wait for the perfect day full of heart-warming rays of sun. And now you may be thinking: "oh dear, another lame excuse, another reason to better start saving" but here actually is part 2 of my explanation which will definitely win the case: I didn't really buy 'em - nope, neither stole 'em  haha.. I wish haha... kidding *cough cough* - I still had that ZARA coupon my cousin gave me for Christmas et voilà, didn't pay anything plus there's still some credit left. Duh! What do ya say know? hehe.

Enjoy your weekends!
xx, A.


Friday, 16 March 2012

Fire Down Below

Leather pants. So there you are, finally a full length shot of my brand new leather pantsy pants - not the best for a total inspection (blame it on the Marni-ish oversized sweater which was actually designed for men... what? bullshit!) but I assure you that I'm gonna wear these a lot in the future, till the leather crumbles into dust and all.. you know... will also treat 'em with caution, though - wrapped in tissue paper when not worn.. blablabla I promise, amen - aaaand back to the whole outfit: find the combo of androgyny at the top (oversized men's shirt buttoned up plus the sweater which both aren't figure hugging at all but dingle-dangling from the shoulders) and seduction at the bottom (tight leather pants) very interesting even though it's nothing new - balance is the point! Yep, outfits can be too sexy, we know that, right? But they can also be waaay too laid-back, ... 

Anyways, definitely a look I could get used to - what do you think?
Outfit: shirt ACNE, sweater Marni at H&M, leather pants ARMA, jacket Atos Lombardini, boots H&M

Happy Fridays!!
xx, A.


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Tu me plais Coco

denim shirt. The topic goes into the 3rd round and reaches a whole new level. Remember my two ways of styling the denim shirt? - casual, here and dressy, there or have a closer look below - well, Ana, the girl behind one of my favorite blogs Tu me plais Coco, had another two ideas which turned out like you can see above. As I told you, it keeps me surprising how one and the same item can appear so completely different only if you change some accessories and makeup.. so that you have not only two outfits but also two contrasting looks...
And on the other hand someone else like Ana comes along who also has an affection for denim shirts... which actually is all that remains (besides all the admiration for the other girl's combo and some new styling ideas - they call it "aha" experience) - get the point? Well, let me sum up: 1 shirt, 2 girls, 4 outfits, 4 looks.

So what do you think? Don't you adore the way Ana wears those killer wedges plus socks and a double denim combo? Or are you coveting her stripy H&M pants and the casually knotted denim shirt?

Have a wonderful day!
xx, A.


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

stupid, crazy, laugh.

UGA UGA AAAH. Shall we try a step or two? Not quite sure what I was up to - hip to the hip hip hop? - but just so you know what I'm doing while waiting for the boy who's testing different camera settings... fooling around, which I usually never do.. at all *cough cough*.. uhm yeah, right! ... Anyways, here a little Wednesday evening laugh from me to you across the oceans, the mountains and across the streets (yep, to you too, dear next-door neighbor) - does no harm, bare your teeth - refreshing, huh?

PS: see my brand new leather pants in action like for the very first time? see? see? see? terrific! - more to come soon.

Happy Wednesdays everyone!
xx, A.


Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Savvy. Looking at these snaps, I must say, saving's on! Yep, yep, yep, gonna listen to my moaning wallet a little bit more - but you know MARNI at H&M was kind of an exceptional situation (oh there's another box missing on the photo, but it's a gift - yep, yep, yep I do not only shop for myself), couldn't say no to a pair of perfectly fitting jeans and leather pants either, figure hugging and all ... you know, basics! - must-haves! Oh dear, oh dear explanation by explanation and a little bit of bad conscience... so now I decided I'm short of cash, better start saving and all... but you know what? I'm gonna look veryyy fashionable by doing that, after all - way too savvy, huh? haha

PS: follow me on Instagram (@itsonwithallegra) to stay totally updated!!

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