Thursday, 10 May 2012


Lennon-ish part II. The other day we jumped into the car, drove straight across the boarders and, you know, drove on and on and on and on and, you know, on till we found ourself right back where we started. Funny huh? But then again, I wouldn't want to have missed it, the road trip, if you will, as on our way or rather, you know, circle we spotted a royal restaurant in a little castle on a tiny hill and some water around - picture-esque I tell ya! If you follow me on several umm well, let's call 'em, up-dating-services like here or here or even there, u already know. Like I know u know. I know, you know. Def gonna go back there - not only for the sake of their yummy-scrummy strawberry-vanilla-pieplant-you-know-pie...
Which leads me back to the fashionable topic, my outfit - well, not really, but let's pretend so and also, I've mentioned it before which would kinda explain the 'back' so once more: blablabla my outfit: tatatattattaaaa ta ta - I know you know it but then again, let's pretend u don't, also, I've only mentioned the Lennon-ish aspect, but there are so much more, believe me: the red hot chili not-peeper-pants, the peplum - have u already got your eyes on some hotie-hot down under stuff from, you know, down under, yeah, right there at  MBFWA? Zimmermann, Ellery and Co. kinda took the pepe-pepe-peplum further, you know, to a whole new level as I'll show you soon, if you will - and last but not least the parka in which I'm sort of living atm (April showers hellooooo, it's May, ALREADY - just to make that clear, for once) - OH and the hat, of course, which actually put me up to the certain play of words, a word play, a pun, if you will: handsome - hantsome - hatsome. There you are!
Outfit: shoes Vic Matie, shorts Maje, trench ZARA, bag Chanel, sunnies + hat H&M

Happy weekends Thursdays lovelies!
xx, A.



  1. i love your parka and the way you combined it here.

  2. I love your outfit so much!!!
    if you want come to visit my new-born blog!!!



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