Monday, 23 April 2012


let's pretend. So when they all head off to Coachella... and I can't join 'em, it doesn't mean I can't pretend slash dress slash dance as if I'm there, you know, with 'em, right? For the sake of solidarity and all, you know - so I do. And here I am, again with THE PARKA, here and here, again with my cate eyes in the middle of my grandparents' garden wearing my mother's boots. The boots. No, THE boots. I've always had an eye on 'em or rather a foot in 'em ever since my mom brought them home from uhm.. Milan, I guess. The thing is, they kinda are too big for me but I don't care, I just pretend they fit perfectly...
or, on the other hand, I can fly... uhm, yeah, right... to each her, meaning my, own that is a super hero moment.. and even though it's been only seconds like milliseconds - since I didn't manage to keep the pose any longer - it felt like ... uhm... a day. Nuts! Of course it didn't but you know, it's a start, right? ... and we can still, you know, pretend...
Call it a miracle, call it a day, just ignore the super duper trendy peplum top, you know, for only one second since on another, meaning the third hand (who knows where that one came from?), I did manage to romper tromper in these boots, no, THESE boots, the whole day, at least. Quite a thing if you keep my size difference problem in mind, right? So excuse my lame quote that kinda simply had to come "these boots were made for walking". I know you know.
Outfit: my mommy's boots, skirt Celyn B., top H&M, parka ZARA

Have a great day!
xx, A.



  1. i like your boots and great outfit! with the parka looks great


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