Thursday, 1 March 2012

Midnight in Paris

or wherever. Since I love the movie so much and Woody Allen - not surprisingly - won another Oscar I found it more than suitable to name a post after it even if the pics weren't shot in Paris neither in France but very close to the border, yup, home^3 has me back and actually converted in to just "home" without any exponents like hopped from Vienna to Basle whereas the term home^3 moved from Basle to Zurich and ... - sounds kinda complicated, I know, it kinda is but then again, nooot! 
Anyways, university's started already, it's extremely different to what I was used back in Vienna, very Swiss but in a good way - I'd call it a whole new level and chapter of (my) life... 
aaand back to the outfit thing: I've spent the past few days wearing boyfriend pants and baggy tops, glasses and a satchel, was wrapped in my anaconda scarf and rushed from auditorium to auditorium and other rooms called Y15 G30 or whatever... SO it was kinda refreshing and you know balm for the soul to dress up (I even had the chance to break in my new flats), go out and have some nice drinks with those you love. It keeps surprising me how clothes and different kinds of dressing can change your mood and you know make you feel good and more pretty (... or not) - have you ever thought about that? 
Outfit: flats ZARA, skirt Celyn B., leather jacket Atos Lombardini

And last but not least, I guess you wanna know what's that Midnight in Paris thing about like when I'm not there (would be to good to be true with fashion week going on there and all... right?) ... well, it's something more artistic like doesn't the whole scenery (exclude me) remind you of the movie poster which is a reference to van Gogh's "starry night"?

Have a wonderful day!
xx, A.



  1. Love the shoes!!


  2. <3 die schuhe und viel glück und spass in Zürich!

  3. What a fabulous movie!! Woody Allen recreates such beautiful eras & the fashion is wonderful...;)

    Faiza xo


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