Wednesday, 22 February 2012

shopping stuff and love stories

NEW IN. As you may have noticed in my prior post I talked about an interesting shopping experience that I had in NYC - the city without borders... regarding fashion, not airport-plane-check in stuff ... you know... but that's another story... 
People who know me well would definitely confirm that I'm the kinda gal who always finds something special even if it's just a little which will always remind her of the certain shopping tour in THE city of her heartS (one always has more hearts to give when it comes to shoes, sunglasses and cities, right?)... funny enough, I didn't find anything like really NOTHING in New York f**king City (just to say it like a Gaga) - can you believe that? Wouldn't say there were no temptations, not at all, but as soon as I looked at the price tag I knew I had to get out of the bloody shoppy shop shop. 900 $ for some faux leather pants? No way! Even worse: my credit card doesn't work in the U.S. which I found out, well... there. Annoying!
The other thing was, I didn't want to shop at stores they have here too... but then again, ZARA's got the best stuff in its category. So on the last Big Apple day when I still seemed to go back home empty handed, I sneaked in and took all I could carry. Thanks ZARA for saving my trip and cheering me up, the boy absolutely appreciated it!

Have a lovely day!
xx, A.



  1. I had the same thing when I went to Paris! Everything was just so expensive (and I went during the sales...). It's really frustrating! Afterwards I went to Madrid, and THAT is a shopping paradise! You got some really nice stuff! But too bad you can also buy it in Europe :).


  2. Lovely photos! :)

    kisses, Jasmin

  3. I absolutely love the studded clutch! =)

  4. so nice. love it


  5. I find it hard to believe you didn't find a lot in NY, of course a lot of brands are the same as here in Europe, but often it is much cheaper than here. when I was there I couldn't resist buying Marc by Marc jacobs, michael kors, mac make-up,..

    Stupid that your creditcard didn't work. But it is good that your trip was all about fashionweek and sightseeing and quality time with your boyfriend. That is definitely more important than buying lots of stuff
    new outfit post

  6. Can't wait to see you rocking all of those items! :)

  7. amazing earrrings...<3

  8. killer shoes, love!

  9. ahh, love those studded booties from Zara~



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