Saturday, 21 January 2012


image: pumps ZARA

By night. Got THREE huge like HUGE stories to tell. Crazy how things can change by night. Okay, well, there's only one HUGE story but 2 which are worth telling anyway. So here we go: 

1. finally like FINALLY got some pointy black pumps, don't think they're the perfect ones but for now they're just fine and for sale, what more do you want?

2. told you about that blogger cocktail thing which took place yesterday, was kinda nice meeting people whom you're sharing the same "hobby" with but kinda strange at the same time. Well, luckily I had my buddies, Leonie and Mia with me, which made the evening even more pleasant. 

3. (oh, that's the HUGE one) when I came back home in the night I've been surprised by 2 little rabbits in the cold cold hallway, which I found really shocking, those sneaky fluffies got hopelessly lost, I guess... or hope so at least, hopefully they weren't abandoned! Anyways, I took them with me, made them a nice resting place in my bathroom since it's too cold outside, wouldn't want them to freeze to death.

PS: Valentine's day is just around the corner, soooo do you have any plans yet? Well, if not and I guessed so, here's something you might be interested in: on the 7th-9th February Romwe offers a 20% coupon code to all of you, which I'll tell you when the time is right!

Have a wonderful weekend, I'm off getting the rabbits some carrots!
xx, A.



  1. i found your blog from this february's glamour and i am AMAZED ! its really adorable. Keep up the good work, im officially your follower on bloglovin and google, so imma stick around ;)

  2. Beautiful pair of shoes!

  3. It was awesome last night, hope we can talk a bit more next time!


  4. Major shoe envy! I'm going to try finding these in my zara! x x

  5. I like your style so much! Great post.

  6. u luv them <3


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