Tuesday, 30 August 2011

hop on and off à PARIS

Sightseeing. Just a super quick update: I spent a day full of typical touristy hopping on and off tour buses and explored all, no, I'm not kidding, ALL sights without exceptions, which may sound a little bit boring, but actually, absolutely wasn't... not at all, since I'm in best company I can ever, ever, ever imagine! Above and below some photos of me and the tour eiffel area, where we stopped to have a picnic - good times!

Monday, 29 August 2011


Outfit: jeans DIESEL, tank and belt H&M, scarf vintage, boots ZARA

Traveling. As I told you the other day, I'm going to spend some days in Paris. I'm sooo excited and can't wait to explore the city once again, yet in another way. I can't even tell you how bubbly I feel - gonna keep you updated,  that's for sure!

Happy Mondays everyone!
xx, A.

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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sweet Escape

Strasbourg. Since my parents live super near the french border, we go to Alsace quite a lot, just for a day trip or two, which is really major - I absolutely love the french flair. PLUS, tomorrow I'm off to Paris with the boy for some relaxing days full of culture (I really really wanna see the Kate Moss' exhibition too, which lasts till the 14th of September - pretty lucky, huh?!) and shopping, hehe... I'm oh so looking forward to it! 

PS: I've been to Paris before, but do you have any other must-seen-or-do-suggestions? 

Thursday, 25 August 2011

you've got mail

Artwork. A perfect example how a pretty normal-not-that-thrilling day can turn into awesomeness - the funny thing is, I just had to check my mails. Well, the reason for my great joy was or rather is a flash of Wafa - who? what? where? Stop! Don't you ever dare thinking about whether you've heard about the talented Wafa Suliman (who actually made this super duper cool piece of art of me aaand also a major one of the chicmuse - just so you know ;) hehe) or not, 'cause actually, if you may haven't you're absolutely not up to date and if I were you I wouldn't admit it, but rather check her stunning graphic designs, here, here and here. Thanks again, Wafa, I'm loving it!

PS: I'm looking forward to discover more reader's artwork in my mailbox - don't hesitate ;)

PPS: I'm going to the hairdresser tomorrow, expect the unexpected *wink blink*

Have a flashy day, lovelies!
xx, A.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

monthly dose

Addiction. Is it the curiosity of discovering new items, the intense dose of all beautiful, inspirational, enjoyable and carefree or possibly just the habit? - I don't quite know why, but whatever it is it attracts me magically and makes me wanna buy almost every single fashion magazine every new month. 
Do you know what I mean? And what about you?

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Swiss. As I told you yesterday I went to Zurich, a pretty short stay to meet the boy just for a couple of hours to distract him from exam stress *bloody university* and then hopped on the train to Basle again. Looking at these photographs all those flags of Switzerland are catching my eye, it's kinda funny that there's at least one attached above almost every door - patriotism takes on an entirely new meaning, huh? No just kidding, who cares, when they like it.
Besides, my patent leather loafers were delivered - FINALLY. Frankly, it was way too hot to wear them yesterday, but I simply had to take them out. Plus, I bought a neon pink eyeliner powder, which you have to mix with liquor (water's just fine) so you can put it on with a brush. I find it kinda Jil Sander-ish, since you see the models wearing one in a fresh blue in the ads. What do you think? Like? 

PS: I'm soooo into that necklace, so happy I bought it, it seems that it's able to pimp any outfit, right? I think you kinda have to wear it with a high-necked top, though... what about you?

Monday, 22 August 2011

outfit sneak peek

Night out. I'm off to Zurich and then Basle again, so that's just a quick update: here, a teeny weeny sneak peek of my outfit, which I was wearing yesterday when we went out for some drinks to round off the weekend in a relaxing atmosphere at the German riverside of the lake of constance. 

PS: I'll post the whole outfit shots asap. 

Sunday, 21 August 2011

CHANEL closeup

Line up. aaand another beauty post consisting of two same, yet different fall looks by Chanel (what else?!). I'm totally into their matte lipstick collection (I've already told you how much I adore the latest varnish collection too, haven't I?). The colors are overwhelming, so refreshing and loud like a chemical colored candy or dunno - anyways, what more do you need for those gloomy fall days, with which we'll be faced much earlier than I'd like to. Well, well, well, I like to compare these two colors directly, not only because they match, but also because they convey different looks even though their close resemblance: as for me, the pink one's more girly, whereas the orange one makes you look pretty tough... What do you think? Click "read more" (below) to look at every single photograph. 

PS: I was wearing a white bandeau top by MNG, just so you know ;)

Saturday, 20 August 2011

NEW IN (Part 2)

goodies: necklace COS, lipstick Chanel (fall collection, extra matte), varnish "le vernis PERIDOT" Chanel, bracelets TOKYO JANE

Update. I can't even tell you how super duper major yesterday was. Actually, I could take some backstage photos but unfortunately just a few and frankly, they don't convey the atmosphere at all. Well, I'm not allowed to show you any of these till the feature's published, though *damn*... but heey, there's something to look forward, right? 
Anyways, I was rambling about the city after the shoot and I can't help but love love love Munich. The shopping area's not thaaat big but has a great variety of shops and I can always count on to find something special. Above, some of my new goodies - I oh so wanna own the whole fall collection of le vernis Chanel, which's once again outstanding (!!) and actually, it's the very first time I gave the COS store attention (for a good reason, loved the fall collection). I only got the big statement necklace, which seems to pimp any outfit, 'cause it was just too hot to try on wintery cloths, but I'll def come back on a cooler day!!!) .

Friday, 19 August 2011


Magazine. As we speak I'm off to Munich, lovelies! The fashion and lifestyle magazine GLAMOUR (Germany) invited me to a photo shoot for their so called "Style Diary"section. I'm sooo excited and a little bit nervous about it. The feature's going to be published in December, I guess (since I'll wear a pretty wintery outfit) ... so it's still a while till I can show it to you ... Anyways, I deeply hope that I can take some backstage photographs, I'm not so sure about that, but we'll see... 

Another fashion-esque thing is, I just ordered some books (I know, fashion-esque books?). Well, I think they'll keep me good company while the train chugs to Munich.

Books: "Anna Wintour - what lies beneath the chic exterior of Vogue's editor in chief" by Jerry Oppenheimer, "If you have to cry go outside - and other things your mother never told you" by Kelly Cutrone

Have a great day!
xx, A.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

rolling on the floor

Outfit: jeans and booties ZARA, blouse A.A.

Casual. Just a photoshopped together shot of me exercising on the floor (noo, just kidding). Anyways, I was wearing a pretty casual outfit: blue jeans, a black oversized A.A. transparent blouse and the Marant-esque booties by ZARA, which turned out to be super duper comfy - after getting some super  duper huge blisters on each bloody toe... but that's another story - a couple of days ago. Apparently, you simply can't go wrong with basics, right? But still, love to pimp them up with some extra details or special fabrics...

Have a wonderful day!
xx, A.

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Monday, 15 August 2011

from A(llegra) to Z(oe)

New In. As I told you some days ago, I was bubbly and nervously waiting for the postman to ring the bell and deliver me something really really major - the one and only Zoe boots by Sam Edelman, which I ordered at endless.com (I can absolutely can recommend that only shop, since there're no shipping costs all over the globe). Well, the heels are somewhat higher than expected but I don't mind - they're perfect anyway!

PS: the weather is a mess AGAIN! So I decided to stay in for a little beauty closeup post, which def missed out on my blog for a pretty long time, I guess (click "read more" to see what I make up I used).

Sunday, 14 August 2011


Electrifying. Since I'm traveling from one Swiss city to another and taking a tiny rest in the countryside of Austria once in a while AND living out of a suitcase for the whole summer now, I simply couldn't resist to attend the annual STREET PARADE, which took place the 20th time in Zurich - this time along the lines "electric city". The DJ line up was impressing - including one of my favorites Martin Solveig (to be perfectly frank, I just wanted to hear his show) - and so were the dressed up people (as you can see below). But as Martin Solveig played "ready 2 go", I literally was ready to go as well. Unfortunately, the quality of the music suffered from the rumbles and shouts of the way too drunken people. What a shame!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

1001 Nights

Wedding time. As I told you the other day, my family and I were invited to an italian-half-persian-swiss wedding, which was sooo lovely and a little bit different to many others. Besides the civil marriage, they were also having a Persian ceremony - I can't even tell you how heart-warming it was! The bride was wearing a dream of Valentino - oh so adore the bow detail on the back (last but not least photograph)!! 
The food thing was absolutely not stiff (e.g. place cards, which more or less force you to sit there - unquestioningly - at that table the whole night with people they thought you would may have great conversation with but often don't and instead of heaving a great time and celebrate, you don't move, get bored and look at people who might have had more luck with the ones sitting next to them and blablabla), but actually really cool organized: the waiters were walking around carrying drink and food trays - tiny bites, but filling among a great number - so you didn't stuck at a certain place.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Just Married

Kate Moss. I know, I know, I know these photographs (by Mario Testino, who? no just kidding) were posted to death since they were published in the latest US Vogue's September issue (as you may know, if you've already seen the same-named movie, September actually is like the January of the ordinary-non-fashion year), but they are just too beautiful to not being shared with you, lovelies. 
Besides, the photographs seem to be pretty suitable, since I'm going to attend a wedding today (hope it's gonna be as gorgeous as Kate's, but I'm sure it will - weddings always are, aren't they?).

Have a wonderful day!
xx, A.

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Thursday, 11 August 2011


Goodies. Just a quick update for today or rather now: I'm impatiently waiting for the postman who's all about to ring the bell - I tell you, I'm gonna make a bolt for the door (ps: won't tell you now what he'll deliver, well, maybe you guess it already, anyways I'll keep you posted).
So above and below, some goodies and accessories my mother and I use to share once in a while.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Three Kings

Basle. As you may know my parents moved to Switzerland this year and of course we have to check the new town out. So we went to a hotel or rather THE hotel, which is called Les Trois Rois and absolutely posh, for some drinks and a snack. To be perfectly frank, it's a little bit too ritzy for everyday but sometimes I enjoy the super duper friendly and helpful service, can't hide a sarcastic smile, which flashes over every now and then, though.
The outfit is pretty basic but what more than a cool biker jacket (I never ever gonna give it back!!) and a classic bag do you need?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

liberty equality fraternity

Yellow. I've always considered yellow to be a great color for summer, never wore such an item, though - maybe I thought it wouldn't suit me or rather makes me look even paler. But as it happens, yellow and the special blue of the jeans I got some days ago - which fit really great and I never wanna put off ever again, btw - seem to be pretty matching colors, which also remind me of Jil Sander. So, I just had to give yellow a chance.
Besides, I'm oh so into men's shirts - but in a very buttoned up way of wearing them - with a high collar, which reminds me sometimes of Karl Lagerfeld's clothes. Love it! What about you?

Monday, 8 August 2011

Into the Green

Weekend. We discovered this location some days ago, took hundreds of photos, but frankly, it's too difficult for me to choose between all those, so we have to be content with these few ones (maybe I'll post some more in the near future).
I know it's not one of the latest trends but I literally rediscovered the leather-jacket-and-dress-combo. It's so simple, you just slip into a girly dress and add the cool touch with a biker jacket and boots. Et voilà, you look super stylish without any great effort. What do you think?

PS: of course my mommy lent me this leather jacket but actually, I'm not thinking of giving it back anymore, it's just too major and comfy, I gotta lock it in my wardrobe!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Bloggers Wardrobe

Imagine a wardrobe for bloggers only, filled with fashionable items of all kinds of brands - sounds like one of the most wonderful daydreams in your life? Frankly, it's definitely one of mine! So have you ever heard about Bloggers Wardrobe? No? Well, you should! 'Cause you know what? Actually, it will make your dreams come true - yaaah, that's right, a wardrobe for bloggers only! Check their webpage, here.

The catch (there always has to be one, huh?!) is that there a millions of bloggers and millions of brands and obviously, Bloggers Wardrobe will gather the best of the best. So there must be a really really good reason why they should include you in the program AND that's why I think it's on with allegra has what I takes to be part of Bloggers Wardrobe:

I laugh with my heart, I seduce with my eyes, I live love, I love fashion - I am myself. But apart from all that and of course for the sake of diversity there should be an Austrian among the blogger's wardrobe, right? 


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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Fairytale Me, Baby!

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Call me crazy but in my opinion these photographs have such a mystical or rather magical atmosphere - as if the frog king's just all about to croak around the corner -  there's such a special something, on which you can't put your finger, but whatever it is, it makes you wanna look at these like for ever or make a wish at least, which definitely will come true *lol*. 
Anyways, regarding the outfit I really have to admit I LOOOVE being at home again, which makes it possible for me to browse through my mommy's super stylish closet just like in the good old times - needless to say, that I borrowed one or the other item for today's outfit such as the light blue shirt - and aside from the fact that you can never have enough shirts and blouses in your closet, 'cause they make you look preppy, yet stylish in any way PLUS they're easy to mix and match, I came to the conclusion that there should always be one in light blue, 'cause it's almost as classy as white ones but more girly and it definitely has the wow factor. What do you think?

Friday, 5 August 2011

hip teens

wear blue jeans. I bought the jeans yesterday and of course I wanted to wear it as soon as possible aka today. The catch was, though, that the clouds didn't seem to be so sure about whether they let the sun shine or not, but then they did - actually, quite a long time - and all of a sudden it was sooo hot like way too hot for jeans and ... well, do you know these days, when you don't wanna wear make-up, 'cause it's simply too hot, so you just put on some red lipstick, which makes you still look fresh and alive? Well, today's such a day. I used one of my Rouge Coco by Chanel lipsticks, of course.
Another thing is, I found these shoes in my mother's closet - obviously, they're one or two sizes to big but I didn't mind, I just dug my toes into them and walked, never looked back.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Summer Sun Skirt

I had a wonderful time with the boy the other day, when we took a walk through the streets of Zurich. The weather was just perfect, as you know it wasn't since a very long time now. However it was pretty hot and so I just slipped into my very new Chanel-ish skirt (isn't it? I'm oh so into the pearl-chain-detail), which I got for my birthday, never wore since, though. 
We also went to one of our favorite Italian restaurants for dinner, which was absolutely delicious (as always). 

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Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Pretty long post. I looove the atmosphere and the light of these photos - the sun finally came out, so yaay for that! At the moment I'm also totally into the shorts/dress-boots-combo, I could wear it every day, even if it makes no sense, doesn't it? Anyways, I'm off to the lake, see you soon!

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