Monday, 15 December 2014


New year, new chance, new blog. As 2014 is slowly but steadily winding to its close and there's some bloody downtime on the blog, I wanted to clear things up: I already told you a couple of weeks ago, that there will be some changes here at It's On With Allegra. And I assure you, we're on it. We (and with we I mean myself and HTML plus CSS, of course) are currently - well, let's say - getting to know each other which is kinda nice - sometimes, at least. But to be perfectly frank, we aren't in the so called honeymoon phase yet. Nevertheless, I'm sure we're getting there - someday. In short: this process is going to take a little while but trust me when I say: in January 2015 I'll be back with full commitment, new outfit stories and exciting behind the scene snaps from work - I promise faithfully.

PS: in the meantime you can always and forever keep yourself on track via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter #YAY

Happy Monday everyone,
xx, A.


Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Outfit: boots Ann Demeulemeester, stockings H&M, dress Zara, knitwear Theyskens Theory, scarf Saint Laurent

love. Here's what I wore the other day, rambling through the city. And I just realized, it's only one month till Christmas - the countdown officially starts now. So I'm already thinking about my personal wishlist and gifts to give. Are you in the mood already?

Have a great day!
xx, A.


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Do A Little Dance

the dress. The other week I mentioned that prints can often be a challenge when it comes to wearing 'em because you can easily appear very bulky - and that's also been the second thing that crossed my mind when I spotted this pretty, pretty floral dress in the shop. I mean, c'mon, flowers (almost) head-to-toe? Yes, that's near the knuckle but then again, my first impression gained the upper hand, left me speechless with amazement, with sparkling eyes and a rapid heartbeat - there was simply no way around I could leave the shop without that dress. And voilĂ , here it is - photographed in some fancy garage in Heidelberg... What cha say?

Monday, 10 November 2014


Outfit: pants Acne Studios, knitwear Drykorn

uniform. Now this seems like my perfect uniform for fall: a dark blue bulky turtleneck plus skinny jeans - color: used black. Of course, it keeps you cosily warm so that comes in handy - and what more can I say? I'm simply a sucker for oversized, non-figure-hugging tops, but you already know that. Oh and I chopped my hair off - yes, almost 10 cm - I'm devastated... but then again, you gotta love prefer healthy hair. Word.

Happy Monday everyone!
xx, A.


Monday, 3 November 2014


Outfit: skirt Zara, top Lala Berlin, boots Fiorentini & Baker

on prints. Sometimes it's quite difficult to mix&match prints especially when it comes to bottoms as they will almost always make you appear bulky. But then again, I fell head over boots in love with this skirt or rather the print. So I decided to don't care and threw on my favorite oversized t-shirt - another thing that's not figure-flattering at all but hey: while we're on it, we should definitely go strut all the way. What do you think?

Happy Monday!
xx, A.


Thursday, 30 October 2014


Wham, bam! Thank you, Wang! I've got a whole coffee table full of fresh fashion magazines but actually all I'm craving is Alexander Wang x H&M. The sporty collection with a little touch of grunge hits stores on November 6th. That's only one more week to go, so here's a little selction of my top 3: perforated and cropped tops plus boxing gloves to either use as home decoration or to knock somebody down - you choose! - either way, are you planning to storm the shops? And if so, what's your favorite piece?
images: all by Alexander Wang x H&M (courtesy of H&M)

Have a super nice day!
xx, A.

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