Friday, 25 July 2014


TGIF. Here's a casual look I wore to work this week. I changed my strappy sandals for the evening, though and wore boots instead because, you know, it seemed more suitable for a little walk through the city center and all. Anyways, it's finally Friday and I truly can't wait to stop by this super cute Café in the Glockenbachviertel to get another blood orange lemonade to go... what's your plan for the weekend?

Outfit: skirt T by Alexander Wang, shoes Mexicana, tee H&M, sunnies Ray Ban

Happy Friday!
xx, A.


Thursday, 24 July 2014

my love. I figured, with this whole university-Zurich-era coming to a successful end or dramatic pause, at least, I should definitely treat myself with a little something, yet something special. So I did. No more words needed.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


July. Well, well, well what shall I say? It's still July and still no real summer in sight, so I hold on to my heart-warming Greek memories and show my still slightly tanned legs because what else am I to do? Wearing parkas in July? Well, yes, because there's no option, but wearing pants all, say, so called summer? Never! So what about you? How do you handle this little summer dilemma?   

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

MUC HOTSPOTS | part one

images: hotspot 1 "the Mandarin Oriental China Moon roof terrace"

food. I'm having the best time here in Munich and am absolutely enjoying it to the fullest. And I figured, I shouldn't just share some #thegoodlife snaps on Instagram (@itsonwithallegra) and Facebook but say a word or two about the delicious food, nice people and hot places in Munich. So let's start with the basis of life, physical requirements of human survival and all...

Friday, 18 July 2014


image: sunnies Ray Ban

sunglasses. I know it's all about round shaped sunglasses at the moment but I just can't live without my good old Wayfarer classic, so I don't.

Happy Friday everyone!
xx, A.


Thursday, 17 July 2014


(one) tea(spoon)time. Well, well, well, did I say too much? Are you melting away? I, for one, definitely do. And I, for one, would definitely love to wear these bandit bad boys all day, everyday, all night and for ever but - how could it be any different?! - there's a catch, of course: they are super short like super super super short due to their asymmetric cut which I love so so much because it makes your legs seem endless but - and here it is - they're not really suitable for all day, everyday, all night and forever. Gah! I mean, they are quite difficult to mix&match when it comes to office wear and I dare to say it's surely impossible to wear 'em distressed denim shorts to work like if you're not working in fashion. So let's assume we're all working in fashion (as c'mon.. one day.. we all will, right?!): I tried to casually dress the bandits up so your colleagues' eyes won't pop out, to also avoid a beachwear situation and thus, the shorts', you know, shortness isn't really that big a deal anymore. What do you think?
Outfit: shoes Mexicana, shorts Bandits One Teaspoon, top Cos, blazer Helmut Lang, belt Maje, ring Rita&Zia

Have a great day!
xx, A.

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